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What is the New York State Employment Services System?

Operating under a whole-person philosophy, New York State has successfully brought together its employment services systems to create a single approach to linking and coordinating employment supports, using the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant as the catalyst.

What is nycaps ESS and nycaps ESS?

What is NYCAPS ESS? NYCAPS ESS is an Employee self-service (ESS) portal. Nycaps ESS, is used rampantly in New York. Thanks to this service, the state’s employees can now access as well as manage personal and professional information regarding multiple benefits and taxes.

What is the ESS portal?

Nycaps ESS gives employees the independence to review their information on their own instead of depending on the Human Resource department. They are free to do it whenever they please simply by logging in to the ESS portal.

Can I use Ess on my mobile device?

ESS is currently experiencing compatibility issues with mobile devices and tablets operating on iOS 13. We recommend using a laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet with a different operating system. ESS is available 24/7.

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