home health payment schedule

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When are HHAs paid for home health visits?

Beginning on January 1 2020, HHAs are paid a national, standardized 30-day period payment rate if a period of care meets a certain threshold of home health visits.

What is the unit of payment for home health services?

While the unit of payment for home health services is currently a 30-day period payment rate, there are no changes to timeframes for re-certifying eligibility and reviewing the home health plan of care, both of which will occur every 60-days (or in the case of updates to the plan of care, more often as the patient’s condition warrants).

What does the new rule for home health payments mean for HHAs?

These finalized policies will ensure patient access to the latest technology and give HHAs predictability that they can continue to use telecommunications technology as part of patient care. This rule finalizes routine, statutorily required updates to the home health payment rates for CY 2021.

How does Medicare pay home health agencies?

Under prospective payment, Medicare pays home health agencies (HHAs) a predetermined base payment. The payment is adjusted for the health condition and care needs of the beneficiary. The payment is also adjusted for the geographic differences in wages for HHAs across the country.

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