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How can I Pay my Home Depot Bill online?

  • Payment flexibility to allow you to make low monthly payments or pay in full each month
  • Authorized user cards – Issue cards to employees entrusted to make purchases on your account.
  • Itemized Statements – Easy-to-read, itemized billing statements organized by product number
  • Easy Purchase Tracking – Track purchases by PO number, job name, or job number

Can I pay with my phone at Home Depot?

Users can either enter their phone number at check-out on a kiosk to have the bill sent to their carrier’s account bill. Consumers can also pay via a PayPal-issued credit card that connects with their phone account number. The program also has tentative plans to extend to other Home Depot locations if the test trial is successful.

Can you pay Home Depot online?

You can make an Online Payment once you enroll. Your payment will credit to your account as described in the paragraph titled "Same Day Crediting". If you use a bank account for the first time, we may hold the available line of credit equal to the payment for up to 3 business days.

How to pay Home Depot card online?

How To Make a Home Depot Credit Card Payment

  • Online. By having online account access, you can make Home Depot credit card payments. …
  • By Phone. To make payments by phone, you have to call the Home Depot credit card phone number, 800-677-0232. …
  • By Mail. …
  • Via the Mobile App. …

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