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What is a direct mortgage loan?

  • Effective December 1, 2021, the current interest rate for Single Family Housing Direct home loans is 2.50% for low-income and very low-income borrowers.
  • Fixed interest rate based on current market rates at loan approval or loan closing, whichever is lower
  • Interest rate when modified by payment assistance, can be as low as 1%

What is a Consumer Direct Mortgage?

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage — the interest rate and monthly payment never change. …
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) — the interest rate changes after a fixed period. …
  • FHA Loan — designed to help borrowers with low to moderate income get a loan for a down payment as low as 3.5%.

What is a direct loan?

some borrowers will have to apply to consolidate their federal loans into a particular type of loan, called a Direct Loan, and submit a forgiveness form by Oct. 31.) "Illegal conduct by a student loan servicer can be ruinous for borrowers who miss out on …

What is direct lending?

  • First lien: The borrower must pay off the loan before all other classes of debt.
  • Second lien: That debt that must be paid off after a senior lien.
  • Unitranche debt: Any hybrid loan structure that combines both junior and senior debt into one blended interest rate of repayment. …

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