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Introduction to Japan. 2019 Rugby World Cup’s “surprise package” was Japan. They stunned rugby fans across the world with a quick move on their own turf in front of riveted home supporters.

How did Japan do in 2019 Rugby World Cup?


2019 Rugby World Cup’s “surprise package” was Japan. They astounded rugby fans around the world in their own backyard in front of an enthralled home crowd with a fast-paced attacking game that resulted in two historic victories against Scotland and Ireland as well as a historic qualifying for the quarterfinals of the competition.

How do I contact rugby league World Cup 2021 ticketing?


Please send an email to enquiries@rlwc2021.com if you require any assistance or support. Please click here if you want to login to your ticketing account. Official Sponsors and Partners Principal Sponsor Bonded Warehouse 18 Lower Byrom Street Manchester M3 4AP, Rugby League World Cup 2021 Email address: inquiries@rlwc2021.com

Why should I Keep my Tickets for the rugby league World Cup?

Fans may directly help us achieve the greatest and finest Rugby League World Cup yet in 2022 by keeping their tickets. We have had an incredible reaction from hundreds of fans who have pledged to join us in 2019 and, in the process, secured their spot inside the recently established Foundation Fan Squad.

Will the Rugby World Cup 2021 be held in New Zealand?


After its Executive Committee formally adopted the suggestion to postpone Rugby World Cup 2021, World Rugby reiterated its commitment to putting on a great Rugby World Cup competition in New Zealand in 2022.

How did Rugby World Cup 2019 Boost Japan’s economy?

The EY research, which was released today in Tokyo during a special webinar event, details how the Rugby World Cup 2019 produced £4.3 billion in output and increased Japan’s GDP by £2.3 billion. 242,000 fans from 178 different countries traveled to five cities on average throughout the course of an average stay of 17 days.

Who won the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan?

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