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KSS International is always looking to hire new shoppers throughout the US and Canada. ALL of Latin America, the UK, the Bahamas, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. We encourage you to apply…

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What is KSS international?

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Thank you for visiting! You have come to the proper spot if you are a Mystery Shopper, Market Research, Merchandising, or Auditing Company. THE Premier Scheduling and Recruiting Team is KSS International.

How do I access my shopper log?

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Where can I find my Shopper Log? Your assignment sheet and portfolio are both accessible through KSS International. simply selecting the “Log in” link on the SASSIE homepage. You will see your portfolio of tasks after clicking this link. Currently, you have the choice to print the portfolio.

How do I become a mystery shopper with KSS?

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You must fill out an Independent Contractor Agreement and a registration form in order to work as a mystery shopper for KSS International. On this website’s New Shopper Application page, you may find both of these papers. Once both forms have been correctly filled out and submitted, your information will be added to our computerized database automatically.

Can my client contact me without first going through KSS international?

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Customers’ personally identifiable information is never disclosed by KSS International to clients or other interested parties unless you are informed in advance. Clients cannot get in touch with you directly; they must go via us first. Other persons cannot access your personal information without using your Login and Password.

How do I login to the shopper management system?

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Visit www.worldpay.com/shopper/admin to access the login page for the Shopper Management System. The main page for the Agreement Login is visible. Choosing the Login button. The Login page appears.

What can I do with my shopper ID and password?

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Registered customers may self-assign shops, acquire instructions, and complete their reports using the app. Login issues. If you are using the Shopper login page and your Shopper ID and password still don’t work, double-check that you are.

How can I view more information about a shopper?

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You may read a summary of each shopper listed along with information on how many things are in their bundle, how many comments are in their bundle, how many postings they’ve liked, and the timestamp of the most recent activity. Choose the checkbox next to each shopper’s name to pick more than one shopper.

How long does it take to change my shopper management system password?

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It may take up to 30 minutes for your new password to go active on the system, so please be patient. Return to the Shopper Management System login page at this point and enter your updated information.

How do I apply to become a mystery shopper?

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KSS International is always looking to hire new shoppers throughout the US and Canada. Virgin Islands ALL of Latin America, the UK, and the Virgin Islands, including the Bahamas. By selecting the “Becoming a Mystery Shopper” option to the left, you are invited to submit an application.

What makes a company a good mystery shopper?

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Reputable businesses ought to belong to the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) or the International Mystery Shoppers Coalition (IMSC) (MSPA). Businesses should also have a contact number and email address so you can get in touch with them, as well as membership in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Do I need to be MSPA certified to shop with KSS?

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KSS International wholeheartedly supports MSPA certification. Although certification is not necessary to shop with KSS or our clients, we strongly advise it to all of our customers to assist them better grasp industry standards. For additional details, go visit the MSPA Certification Site.

When will I receive my mystery shopper check?

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When you make a purchase in March, for instance, the check will be prepared at the end of April and mailed no later than May 1st. Checks are used to pay customers. Already a mystery shopper and in need of a survey to complete? Simply click on this link to go directly to Sassie, where you can log in and complete your survey.

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