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[div>a href=”https://mia-care.io”>Mia Care[/div] Develop your healthcare digital platform with Mia-Care. /h2>div>span>span>/a>div>/div>div>span>span>/div> div>span>span>/p> Pharma, MedTech, and Clinics may accelerate their digital transformation and integrate into the healthcare ecosystem with the aid of Mia-Care. We help healthcare organizations quickly develop and expand a…

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What is Mia care?

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Greetings from a new era in senior care. Mia Care is able to forecast and promote the avoidance of unfavorable health occurrences thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the knowledge of a group of top-notch medical professionals.

What is Mia-care BackOffice?

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With only a few clicks, the Headless CMS-enhanced Mia-Care Backoffice will enable you to define and coordinate data content and services. Organize and manage data that has been integrated from various digital touchpoints and sources.

How do I contact the MIA customer service?

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Please contact the MIA Help Desk at (603) 2722-9000 for any help.

How do I sign up for a mythedacare account?

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If you do not already have a MyThedaCare account or are not a current ThedaCare patient, please create one for free by using the “Sign up Now” option to the right. – Do you have a fever and/or respiratory sickness symptoms like a cough or breathing issues?


What is the phone number for the Miami International Airport hotline?

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Please call the 24-hour, 365-day hotline at Miami International Airport (MIA) at 305-876-7000. We appreciate you stopping by.

How do I contact Miami-Dade County disability services?

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(305) 876-7550. The American with Disabilities Act’s criteria are something Miami-Dade County makes a point of adhering to (ADA).

How do I contact the MDAD ADA coordinator?

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Contact the MDAD ADA Coordinator Jessica Marin-Urrea at 305-876-7747 or go to the accessibility website for information on sign language interpreter services, accessible formats for materials, other special accommodations, or ADA complaints relating to airports. Visit the Miami-Dade Aviation Department Contact Us for further details.

How can I get help with a question on the phone?

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Automated Support
Our brand-new speech-enabled phone system provides 24/7 general assistance. In either English or Spanish, call 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) and ask your query. The system will respond to your query and can email or text you links to forms and other information.

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