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this new payout system SUCKS!! – The eBay Community

Nov 19, 2020 · They say you will now pay less, 12.9% with paypal vs 12.35% with ebay, but now your final value fee includes taxes so you are actually paying more than before in a lot of cases. I was not using ebay to make a lot of money but the costs keep going up. While it may not all be ebays fault, Its become to much of a hassle for me to continue.


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Sep 24, 2021 · Yes – and no. Currently, eBay take a flat 10% fee from each sale price (including postage) while Paypal take a 2.9% cut, plus 30p on every sale. Under the new eBay payment system, eBay will take 12.8% plus a 30p fee. This means that sellers will be a massive 0.1% better off under the new payment system!


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  • Put simply, managed payments is eBay’snew in-built payment system. It enables buyers to pay for their purchase right on the eBay platform, without having to use a third party money processor such as PayPal. In turn, sellers will receive payment directly from eBay. Managed payments is enabled by Adyen, a company that specializes in back-end payment systems for online merchants, eBay estimates that they will manage payments for ‘most of its marketplace sellers by 2021.’

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  • Sellers Grow Desperate Waiting for eBay Payouts

    Oct 21, 2019 · Sellers enrolled in eBay Managed Payments tell EcommerceBytes they are growing desperate as they wait for eBay to release their funds. "We are sinking fast and are out of cash," wrote one seller who said eBay is holding $4,000 from transactions processed through the new payments system – the last payment she received was on October 11.


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    May 05, 2021 · May 05, 2021 · New Payment System. 05-05-2021 03:43 PM – edited ‎05-05-2021 03:44 PM. Anecdotally, some are accepted, some aren’t. I think it depends on whether they are formatted the same as that State’s drivers licence. Put it in as a DL and …


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    Mar 11, 2021 · Mar 11, 2021 · New eBay payment system. 22-04-2021 1:10 PM. Be that as it may, PayPal isn’t coming back. Sellers are going to have to adapt to ebay‘s new payment processing system or – if they don’t want to adapt – find an alternative selling site. Buyers are not that bothered.


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    Your buyers can choose from a range of payment methods, eBay manages the end-to-end payments process, and you receive your funds directly in your checking account. Start getting paid on eBay | eBay 627969931958 c6321333-90f3-490c-ae74-fb40b8aec51f:17c72ac4163 19997


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    A payment dispute is created on eBay when a buyer initiates a PayPal Purchase Protection dispute or when a buyer initiates a chargeback or other type of dispute with their financial institution. Between eBay and PayPal, buyers cannot use more than one resolution method to get a refund.

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