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New Jersey Toll Payment Options: Payment Types and Missed …

License Plate / Mail. Many agencies offer what is called "Pay by Plate", "Toll by Plate", "Pay by Mail" or similar options. Using this method, drivers do not need cash or a compatible toll pass. Instead, this payment method involves taking a snapshot of …


New Jersey Toll Roads – NJ Toll Ways & Payment Methods …

You can pay tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway using E-ZPass or cash, or the Holland or Lincoln tunnels going into New York City with E-ZPass or by license plate and invoice.


How do I pay my Toll-By-Mail Invoice? Customers who receive a Toll-By-Mail invoice can pay online, by mail, or by telephone. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, check or money order. Do not send cash. To pay online, visit To pay by phone, call 973-368-1425. And to pay


NJ Turnpike toll info like prices, cost or payment options.

From NJ Turnpike toll prices to payment options, Uproad lets you know the rules of the road. And, if you drive a lot and are looking for a new toll payment account without a transponder or toll tag, you’ve come to the right place! With an Uproad app account, you’ll pay tolls with your mobile phone.


Toll Calculator | NJTA – New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Payment Method. Payment Method. CASH E-ZPass (Peak/Weekends) E-ZPass (Off Peak) Mileage. Mileage. Toll Due. Toll Due. Peak Hours: 7:00-9:00 a.m; 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday (based on time of entry) and at all times on weekends. Senior Citizen and Green Vehicle Discounts are only applicable during Off Peak Times.


Toll Payments: Payment Types, Options and Violations

Many toll agencies have already converted to all-electronic tolls, meaning cash is not accepted. On roadways that are all-electronic, toll payments may be made by one of the following methods: Toll Pass / Transponder. Toll transponders issued by state or regional tolling agencies are, typically, the preferred method for making toll payments.


How do I pay tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike? – New ……

Save. Yes there are manned booths not only on the New Jersey Turnpike but also the NY State Thruway. Some of the booths are combined EZ Pass/Cash tolls. You can use those. Not sure if there are any cash only booths anymore. On both roadways the EZ Pass only booths are to the left, and are express, so stay right.


How to pay toll online a missed toll or NJ turnpike patron ……

Finally, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority has a new method to pay tolls online if you don’t have ez-pass or if you don’t have enough money. The online option gives you 5 days to pay to avoid the violation and there is a fee. Driver’s that are short on cash can still ask the toll collector form a form to pay by mail as well, the turnpike authority says corona-virus has impacted their toll revenues.


US Toll Guide: Tolls, Toll Roads and Toll Payment Methods …

Barrier system or Open System: Every time you pass through the mainline toll booth or ramp toll plaza, you pay a fixed time-based toll. Ticket system or Closed System : Similar to traveling on a subway, you pay a toll based on your entry toll gantry and exit toll gantry combination.


How to Pay Toll in New Jersey – TollGuru

Most of the toll facilities in New Jersey is cashless so an electronic transponder is preferred to pay toll in the state. Some plazas including the George Washington Bridge (Upper Level) also accept cash. You can also opt for Toll by Mail. However, not all toll payment options are available at every location.

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