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  • A link to the bookshop may be found at https://www.centennialcollege.ca/student-life/campus-services/. Home – My.Centennialcollege.Ca – Bookstore Revisions to the dates and deadlines for the summer semester of 2020 are listed at this link: /a>/li>li>a href=”https://www.centennialcollege.ca/studenthub/our-latest/news/”>. a href=”https://www.centennialcollege.ca/together-again”>News – Revised Dates and Deadlines For Summer Semester 2020 | News/a>/li>li>a href=”https://www.centennialcollege.ca”>News. Home – My.Centennialcollege.Ca: Flu Prevention See more at /a>/li>/ul>/div>

    How do I login to my Centennial College account?

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Please enter your Personal Identification Number and Centennial College Student Number (PIN). When done, choose Login. Please enter your User Identification Number (ID) and Personal Identification Number if you are an employee (PIN). When done, choose Login. Your employee number is your user (ID).

Why study at Centennial College?

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A growing number of approved institutions are launching groundbreaking research initiatives and alliances that provide semesters or postings abroad. a curriculum built on the values of social justice and equity for all people. At Centennial College, all.

Why Centennial College micro-credentials?

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Delivered in a handy online format, the same excellent Centennial College programs. Improve your education with a high-quality program designed with the busy student in mind. The most effective approach to acquire in-demand abilities to further your career is through our micro-credentials. Your career will advance.

How is Centennial hospitality services different from other schools?

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Since experience learning is the best kind of learning you can get in the actual world, I think Centennial accomplishes something distinct from other institutions. The fact that the Hospitality Services curriculum does not concentrate on just one facet of hospitality made it ideal for me.


How can micro-credentialing help support the modern student?

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These are just a few instances of how progressive universities have used the micro-credential approach to assist provide contemporary students more options for professional growth. To fulfill the demands of students and the labor market, higher education is always changing.

What are the benefits of micro-credentials and digital badges?

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Micro-credentials and digital badges aim to assist graduates and businesses alike with the growing demand for job applicants with improved soft skills. We predict that by adding micro-credentials to their program portfolios, more schools will join the soft skills trend.

What are the different types of micro-credentials?

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Most micro-credentials are centered on a single ability, however some cover broad topics (such as digital leadership, self-management, or teamwork). Micro-credentials may be obtained for “hard skills” like data analytics or Python coding as well as “soft skills” like critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

How long does it take to complete a micro-credential?

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Micro-credentials, in contrast to certain degrees or graduate certificates, are created to address extremely particular industrial demands. They often take between one to ten hours to finish, making them also rather brief. (By contrast, online short courses are typically completed in around six weeks.) How come micro-credentials are so well-liked?

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